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Hayley Graham Counselling and Psychotherapy in Tiverton, Mid Devon

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I am an experienced psychotherapist and have completed a four-year adult psychotherapy training in Integrative Transactional Analysis.
Psychotherapy can help when people have lost themselves and are stuck in unproductive, unsatisfying, even self-destructive patterns of feeling and behaviour.

These patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are not chosen or established at a conscious level. They are developed outside of our awareness, usually as a result of non-verbal messages, commonly received in childhood.
Often we find ourselves thinking things like 'why does this keep happening to me' or 'here we go again' Sometimes we feel that no matter what we do to try and change things we end up going round and round in circles.

As the problems are established outside of awareness, the cure must reach into the same area. This can be difficult to do as we often resist the things that we most need to face because they are painful. Instead we find we have developed a life-time’s worth of strategies to defend against them. Once insight is gained, this whole process can often seem so obvious.

I can help you identify and understand the thought processes and patterns that underpin your problems. I can help you make the necessary changes to break free of these old patterns and bring about lasting change

Psychotherapy is a rational process that anyone can understand or follow. It’s a dialogue that requires you to take an active role. I can offer ideas about what is probably going on and what seems to be happening, but ultimately, only you know what is right.

Psychotherapy isn’t always comfortable. In fact, if it doesn’t stir up a little discomfort you might not be getting anywhere. Neither is it advice. The goal of treatment is for you to discover your own voice, your own priorities, and the courage to act on them.

I adopt a non-judgemental and supportive stance and offer a pro-active, focused and dynamic approach to help you re-discover your voice, establish your own priorities and find the courage you need to act upon them. I will help you to achieve the changes you want and help you sustain those changes, helping you to respond to life's inevitable ups and downs.

I believe it takes great courage to seek help, particularly if you are new to therapy. I have undergone extensive personal psychotherapy as part of my training and fully understand what it is like to be a client. You can be assured of a warm welcome. In the first session you will have plenty of time and space to tell me about your problems and ask any questions you might have. I will take some details, tell you a little more about me and the way I work and then, together, we can decide the best way forward. I work with a wide range of issues including relationship problems, stress and depression.

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